Weight loss surgery prices in Turkey start from €2000 for packages including just surgery. If you’re looking for more comprehensive ones, you can pick all-inclusive packages for your treatment. 

Costs may change according to your needs. So, you can contact us to get more detailed information about them.

As MedClinics, we’re always here to assist you finding the most suitable and affordable clinics for your treatments!

Obesity Surgery Package

starting from

All-inclusive Package

starting from









~ 3.200 €

~ 6.100 €

~  7.900 €

~  12.000 €

~  18.000 €








Stefan K.
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"MedClinics really helped me during my obesity surgery process in Turkey. A successful operation and a friendly team. Thank you!"
Kenneth K.
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"The obesity surgery service provided by MedClinics in Turkey was excellent. Thank you for their attention and assistance."
Tetiana S.
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"Having the gastric balloon surgery in Turkey was a pleasant experience. Many thanks to MedClinics for being with me throughout this process."


Obesity surgery prices in  Turkey starts from 2000€. 

Gastric sleeve cost in Turkey starts from 2750€.

Gastric balloon costs in Turkey start from 2000€.

Gastric bypass prices in Turkey start from 3500€.

You can contact MedClinics to find most affordable clinics for weight loss surgery in Turkey.