Gastric sleeve surgery involves removing a large part of the stomach (75-80%). The remaining part is re-shaped to reduce the stomach’s capacity. This allows you to feel fuller with less food intake.

Usually, it is for people with a BMI between 35 and 40 or more. Especially, the number of international patients choosing Turkey for gastric sleeve surgery is increasing annually.

Also, gastric sleeve costs in Turkey start from 2750€ for all-inclusive packages.

Everything you need to know about gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is here. 

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Gastric Sleeve Prices

gastric sleeve packages in Turkey
2750 starting from

The process is easy!

Gastric Sleeve Cost Turkey

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Begin by sharing your medical history with the doctor. In an online consultation, you’ll talk about the pros and cons of different surgeries. Your doctor will explain potential complications and postoperative care details. Usually, the surgery is scheduled for the next day, and you will need to fast beforehand. Following a blood test, you’ll have another consultation with your doctor.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey

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Now, you are ready for your gastric sleeve surgery. Firstly, 5-6 small cuts are made in the abdominal area. A camera and surgical tools are placed through these cuts into the abdominal space. About 80% of the stomach is cut and removed. The remaining stomach is reshaped into a tube and closed with stitches. The tools and camera are taken out, and the cuts are closed.

We're Here for You After the Surgery

You’ll probably stay in the clinic for 3 to 5 days based on your condition. During this time, your doctor will regularly check your progress and the surgical site. Before discharge, your doctor will offer instructions on aftercare and prescribe medications. In the following days, you’ll come back to the clinic for a final examination and consultation with your doctor.

Aftercare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Drink plenty of water.

Ensure adequate protein intake.

Take vitamin and mineral supplements.

Engage in regular exercises.

Follow the diet program.

Attend regular doctor check-ups.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Is Not Suitable for Everyone:

Pregnant or breastfeeding women

Individuals with active stomach ulcers or bleeding

Those with esophageal cancer

Individuals with serious heart or lung diseases

Those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction

Some Extra Informations:

After the operation, quick weight loss occurs in the first 6 months.

The weight loss process can take up to 1-2 years.

Patients can typically lose around 60-80% of their excess weight after the operation.

Some postoperative side effects may include hair loss and dry skin.

Gastric sleeve surgery is an irreversible procedure. 

In 2022, around 100,000 gastric sleeve surgeries were done in Turkey.

The success rates for gastric sleeve surgeries in Turkey are over 95%.

Gastric Sleeve Reviews Turkey

Melisa K.
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For ages, I've been struggling with my weight and seriously considering surgery. But fear held me back. Now, I'm relieved I went for it. Huge thanks to the MedClinis team
Jessica D.
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When I researched Gastric Sleeve surgery, I came across many clinics, but I was hesitant about which one I could trust. I would like to thank Ms. Heike for helping me find a reliable and comfortable clinic.


Obesity surgery prices in  Turkey starts from 2000€. 

Gastric sleeve cost in Turkey starts from 2750€.

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