Gastric banding is a silicone band placed around the stomach entrance. So, it limits food intake and helps with weight loss.

It is a permanent method. If your BMI is 35 or above, you can consider this procedure.

More than 40,000 people came to Turkey in 2022. Turkey is very popular for this surgery.

Also, gastric banding costs in Turkey start from 3000€ for packages.

Everything you need to know about bariatric surgery in Turkey is here.

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Gastric Banding Prices

gastric banding packages in Turkey
3000 starting from

The process is easy!

Gastric Banding Consultation Turkey

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Initally, you meet with your doctor to discuss any questions or concerns. At the same time, you can get information about the potential risks and your treatment process. So, you can decide the surgery date.  

Gastric Banding Istanbul Turkey

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You are ready for the surgery. It is a laparoscopic procedure. The surgeon makes small cuts in the belly. They put a camera and tools through these cuts. The band is placed at the entrance of the stomach and adjusted. 

Aftercare for Gastric Banding Istanbul

We're Here for You After the Surgery

You’ll stay in the hospital for 2-3 days. After the surgery, you should consume liquid food for a few days. Additionally, you should regularly attend doctor check-ups.

Aftercare for Gastric Banding Surgery


Drink plenty of water.

Ensure adequate protein intake.

Take iron supplements to prevent iron deficiency.

Engage in regular exercises.

Use B12 supplements.

Attend regular doctor check-ups.

Banding Is Not Suitable for:

Pregnant or breastfeeding women

Those with active peptic ulcers

Individuals with esophageal or stomach cancer

Those with serious liver or kidney diseases

Individuals with alcohol or drug addiction

Some Extra Informations:

Success rate is about 60-80%. This means patients usually lose 50-70% of their extra weight.

70-80% of patients see improvements in health issues.

The results last a lifetime.

It can be a solution for diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

In Turkey, gastric banding risk rate is around 1-2%. This is complication rate.

You should stay in Istanbul for 4-5 days for the procedure.

Gastric Band Reviews Turkey

Daria I.
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"I chose MedClinis for gastric band surgery and was very satisfied with the result. The medical team was extremely professional and helpful before and after the operation. I saw significant changes in my lifestyle after the operation."
Jocelyn C.
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"I was very pleased with the service provided by MedClinics, especially thank you very much to Ms. Heike. Although I was in a foreign country, she made me feel like I was in my own country."


Gastric band cost in Turkey starts from 3000€.

People with higher than 35 BMI can be candidate for this surgery.

You can easily contact us to find best clinics in Turkey. We highly recommend qualified clinics in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir. 

Gastric banding success rate in Turkey is about 60-80%. 

You should stay in Turkey for 4-5 days.