Gastric bypass is the most common and safest method for obesity treatment. In this method, a large portion of the stomach is bypassed. A section of the small intestine is directly connected to the reduced stomach.

It can provide a long-term solution. For this surgery, your BMI should be from 35 to 40 or more.

Approximately 50,000 foreign patients come to Turkey for gastric bypass surgery every year. Turkey is popular for this operation.

Also, gastric bypass costs in Turkey start from 3500€ for all-inclusive packages.

Everything you need to know about bariatric surgery in Turkey is here.

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Gastric Bypass Prices

gastric bypass packages in Turkey
3500 starting from

The process is easy!

Gastric Bypass Consultation Turkey

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The first step is to meet with your doctor. During this time, you can ask any questions you have. At the same time, you can receive information about the risks and your treatment process. So, you can decide the surgery date. You should go to the hospital on an empty stomach on surgery day. 

Gastric Bypass Istanbul Turkey

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Now, you are ready for your surgery. It takes around 2-3 hours. It is done with a laparoscopic method. Firstly, small cuts are made in the abdomen. Then, a camera and surgical tools are put through these cuts. The surgeon watches the operation on a monitor and performs it.

Aftercare for Gastric Bypass Istanbul

We're Here for You After the Surgery

You’ll stay in the hospital for a few hours after the surgery. Some side effects like nausea and vomiting may occur, but they are usually temporary and can be treated with medication. You should be followed up for a lifetime after the surgery. You should adopt the diet as a lifestyle.

Aftercare for Gastric Bypass Surgery


Drink plenty of water.

Ensure adequate protein intake.

Take iron supplements to prevent iron deficiency.

Engage in regular exercises.

Attend regular doctor check-ups.

Use B12 supplements.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Is Not Suitable for:

Pregnant or breastfeeding women

Those with active stomach ulcers or bleeding

Individuals with esophageal cancer

Those with serious heart or lung diseases

People addicted to alcohol or drugs

Some Extra Informations:

Success rate is about 80-90%.

The results last a lifetime.

It might help with some diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

In Turkey, gastric bypass surgery risk rate is around 1-2%. This is complications rate.

You should stay in Istanbul for at least 7 days for the procedure.

Gastric Bypass Reviews Turkey

Alexandra A.
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"I had been trying to change my eating habits for a long time, but I couldn't. I finally decided to have gastric bypass surgery. It was not easy for me to make this decision, but finding the best clinic was very easy thanks to MedClinics :)"
Georgina S.
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"When I searched on the internet, I found many clinics, and it was impossible for me to decide alone among so many options. I would like to thank Ms. Heike for being by my side during my decision-making process."


Gastric bypes cost in Turkey starts from 3500€.

People with higher than 35 BMI can be candidate for this surgery.

You can easily contact us to find best clinics in Turkey. We highly recommend qualified clinics in Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir. 

Gastric bypass success rate in Turkey is about 80-90%. 

You should stay in Turkey for at least 7 days.